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Our dedicated crews are the success factor for the safe and efficient operation

The key to a continuously high quality and safety standard on board our vessels is a reliable and motivated crew. This is why crew recruitment is such a top priority. We focus on clearly defined crew responsibilities and high retention rates, and offer on-board, computer-based and on-shore training courses as well as in-house seminars to help our crews improve their abilities and skills.

We operate in Dubai, where we recruit and train young talents and experienced sea personnel. Our defined goal is to make our seamen an inherent part of the Felucca Maritime family and strengthen crew identification with our fleet.


What we do

In-house crew recruiting and management coupled with a close dialogue with our crewing partners are key success factors for top crew qualification and satisfaction.


Felucca Maritime's biggest asset are its people. 

We pride ourselves in partnering up with manning agencies  that provide us with qualified, technically competent and culturally sensitive seafarers for our managed vessels.

We prioritize in maintaining a caring and transparent relationship with our crew. Our retention rate is above 85% on average.


We are able to assess the satisfaction rate of our crew through direct and consistent communication with individual crew members and with our reliable manning partners over the years. 


At Felucca Maritime we make sure that vessels are maintained in an excellent condition, proactively managed and run by competent and experienced seafarers. 

With offices distributed across three locations, we pride in covering major time zones, in which enables us to provide 24/7 support.


We deliver real-time solutions, meeting the immediate needs of our clients, ships, and suppliers.


Felucca Maritime actively provides services from its  headquarter in Dubai, to a number of ship owners located globally.


We have a strong knowledge base within the industry in each of operating hubs, due to our long-standing relationships with various stakeholders.

Our top management brings  years of experience in classification, ship management and ship repair, with a hands-on approach, that represents a culture where everyone participants in the progress of all our projects. 


We provide the following main services: 

  • Superintendency

  • Supervision of BWTS installation 

  • New building supervisions 

  • Pre-purchase inspections 

  • Shipboard ISM, ISPS and MLC Audits 


Our values

Integrity and ethics

Integrity and ethics is built in Felucca Maritime’s culture. 


The company is dedicated to responsibly execute ethical and integrity driven services from a cost, quality, health, safety and environmental point of view.

Respect for people

Regardless of age, race, gender or ethnicity, anyone can earn respect by conducting themselves with integrity, trustworthiness and kindness. 


We strive to keep both employees and clients, (the company’s most important stakeholder groups) motivated and engaged in the company’s processes and overall growth.


Felucca Maritime's employees take total responsibility in respecting and safeguarding life, property and the environment we operate in. 


We strongly believe that, we form part of the Maritime collective responsibility that ensures a hand over of a sustainable environment to the next generations.

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