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Welcome Aboard!

Ship Owner. Ship Management.

Maritime Service Provider.

About us

Felucca Maritime is a privately owned maritime services company. Our core competence is to manage complex maritime projects and deliver a wide range of high-end services to a global client base.

The portfolio of services covers three key business areas:

Dedicated Crew

Our dedicated crews are the success factor for the safe and efficient operation of the Felucca Maritime.

Caring for your cargo

We offer unrivalled experience in finding efficient solutions for complex challenges. We have the in-depth knowledge for handling all types of cargo with precision and care.


Rick, 54

Efficient fleet operations through continuous contact with customers, port agents and vessels

Our dedicated operations teams represent the connecting link between owners, vessels, charterers, port agencies and our other involved H&P departments such as crewing and technical inspection.


They coordinate all daily operations, including on-time delivery of stores, provisions or bunkers, as well as voyage and port stay planning.

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